Traditional Timberframe Shed

The idea of this timber frame shed came from local clients who wanted to create a large storage area with no interior posts on the first level while also creating as much upstairs storage as possible. The initial plan was to use this structure as winter boat storage, but the owners have found it to be a building with countless year round uses.

The large center bent girt is large enough to support the second floor load, eliminating the need of any first floor interior posts. The u-shaped stairs strategically placed in the corner of the building allow entrance to the upstairs from the center of the building, which is tall enough to comfortably stand. Another major structural element of the three large bent girts is to resist the outward thrust of the roof system. These bent girts were intentionally designed with extra long tenons to create a tenon strength substantial enough to transfer the roof load to the posts using traditional mortise and tenon joinery.

The extra amount of energy put into the details of the joinery ensure that this frame is one which will stand for generations to come. By transferring the roof thrust using the bent girts all posts are also eliminated on the second story, creating a second floor which can be used for a variety of tasks. The three large gable end doors also make access to both floors easy no matter what size items are to be stored.

Although this frame was designed to be used as a building for storage, the same frame could easily be transformed into numerous projects, such as a garage, camp or even a small home. The design options are endless with such a versatile timber frame, one of the many advantages to using time tested timber construction.