The Pacific Cultures Classroom

A recent project which was the creation of both Tariki Studios’ and Groton Timberworks’ is the Pacific Cultures classroom at Kimball Union Academy (KUA). KUA is a local private high school that caters to both local and foreign students. The Pacific Cultures Classroom was built to honor the over 60 years of transcultural educational experience with Japanese, Korean and Chinese students. KUA was one of the very first private schools in the country to do this. This room celebrates those students and their cultures.

From a design perspective it was a wonderful challenge to combine not only these pan Asian Traditions, but to also integrate the New Hampshire Historical elements. The close proximity to the Enfield, NH Shaker community design tradition informs the large central classroom table.

Groton Timberworks played a critical role in design and execution of this complex and challenging project. This continues a tradition of Tariki Studio’s and Groton Timberworks’ partnering to accomplish extraordinary projects. The creative and unique concepts of Asian themes were a great pleasure to incorporate into such a truly unique space.