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"We live in north central Vermont and have worked with GTW on several projects over the past couple years. We've found many good reasons to do so- before, during and after construction. Here are just a few...

Thorough and thoughtful designs
Sustainable building practices
Accurate and reasonable cost estimates
Value of time, work and materials
Dependable work schedules
Trustworthy actions and positive outlooks
Creative and beautiful craftsmanship

Nathan, Brian, Tony, Dave, and John are each about professional and personal integrity. What began as a business relationship soon became a friendship. We love doing business with our friends."

If you're considering GTW, congratulations... you've already taken that great first step!

Orange, VT

"I couldn’t be happier with our 16’x24’ barn. From design to completion, this was a very satisfying project. We got good advice and a beautiful barn."

Mark Perkins
Newbury, VT

"We had the land, and we had the dream, but we didn’t have the resources right away. Through all the years of saving, Nathan and Merry Puffer nurtured us and our vision to have a home in Vermont. When the time was right, we naturally turned to Groton Timberworks to help us design and build a timberframe for our home. What was most exciting for us was the prospect of a Japanese post and beam home, which we were aware was Nathan’s pride and joy to build.

We communicated long distance with the Puffers; we peppered them with emails, inspiration photos, and floor plans; and all the while, they remained calm and thoughtful guides. Nathan understood our vision, met us at our level of understanding regarding the art of building, and created for us the most beautiful frame. Local wood was used for the posts and turned in Groton Timberworks’ shop; graceful arches of “live wood” curved under the ridgepole. Nathan’s intuitive skills did not end with creation of the frame, but extended into the surrounding landscape. With the help of his brother, Matt, Nathan arranged boulders left from the excavation process into an Asian-inspired rock garden.

The process of realizing our dream with Groton Timberworks’ help was a pleasure; we had fun, we learned a lot, and now we get to live under the sheltering beams of this one-of-a-kind timberframe."

Alan Massey and Kirsten Murch
Groton, Vermont

"We have built 3 houses in our life and working with Nathan Puffer at Groton Timberworks was by far the most easy and rewarding. Nathan built our timberframe and also acted as the General Contractor. We were living about 300 miles from the building site and we were a little concerned about our ability to monitor progress and discuss potential changes. But, throughout the building process, Nathan was easily accessible and communicated with us regularly. I can truly say that we felt extremely comfortable with Nathan being in charge of all aspects of our new home. The construction was the highest quality and there was not a detail that was too small. There are custom touches all through the house. It is rare to find this combination of quality builder and artisan. We are very proud of our home and enjoy it with our family and friends. The timberframe has mellowed to a beautiful golden patina and every visitor is impressed as they walk around and enjoy the natural beauty. We would recommend Groton Timberworks to anyone looking to build without any hesitation."

Mike and Irene Concannon
Groton Vermont

"The crew was efficient and quick; at the same time they gave painstaking
attention to every detail. They were professional in every way. The structure
went up with amazing speed since all timbers were cut and the walls prefabbed at
the shop and then trucked down. The whole process was wonderful to watch, and
we enjoyed it -- which says a lot since it was such a huge project (half our
house rebuilt)! We couldn't be happier with the end product, a beautiful home
that is also snug and very energy efficient."

John & Anne Donaghy
Meriden, NH

"Groton Timberworks did a fantastic job creating a beautiful, traditional timber frame for our 'barn'. The structure will outlive us all. We would be enthusiastic about working with them again in the future."

Blue Forest Farm
Meriden, NH

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