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Blue Forest Farm Meriden, NH

Groton Timberworks was established in 1992 in Groton, VT by Nathan Puffer. His interest in Timber Framing was a direct result of repairing local 18th and 19th century structures and observing the amazing solidity of the joinery. He was impressed by the ability of these aging structures to transfer unintended and reverse loading while jacking, or removing jacks. He gained a great appreciation for the incredible joinery crafted by the original builders who came before him. Interest lead to intrigue, which soon lead to a passion for the strength of Timber Frames. Starting in one bay of an old factory building, Groton Timberworks now occupies 8000 square feet of that original building in addition to storage and yard space.

Groton Timberworks has a vast array of tools and machines. Some tools and machines, such as the Stetson Ross Timber Sizer are 100 years old. Some are brand new, like the Terex 6,000lb. fork lift. It's not a question of whether a tool works that defines it, it's how well it works. Our CNC machine, for example, is accurate down to the ten thousandth of an inch. It cuts our housed mortise pockets and tenons. This machine was specifically designed for Groton Timberworks to fit our needs. It replaced portable chisel and chain mortisers, routers, and skil saws to cut the repetive joinery, leaving more time to focus on the hand cut portions of every frame. We shoot for a "paper fit", meaning the joinery is so perfect that you can barely slide a piece of paper in the joint. We have the capability of sizing our own timbers, cutting all of the joinery in the shop and trucking the finished frame to any destination.

The majority of the timbers we use are purchased as standing wood. From the frame plan, we generate a timber list from which we produce a log list. The log list specifies length and minimum small end diameters. We then contact local loggers to see who is cutting in an area that can fill the log list requirements. These loggers are our local experts that know the quality of the wood we require. It's through their conscious efforts to provide the best possible timber in a responsible and sustainable way which promotes the well being of the forest. We also have the opportunity to "hand pick" timbers by walking the stand with the logger to select certain trees to be used in specific parts of the frame. We incorporate naturally curved wood into some frames and by walking the stand we can find the right piece that will work within the frame. It is important for our clients to know the care we put into selecting with wood that will go into constructing their home. Many customers come to the shop to see the timbers that are going to work in unison to provide them a home. We believe that the best alternative to a tree living in the woods is to preserve it in a Timber Frame.

We pride ourselves on quality and efficiency and consider each frame a part of every individual involved. It is important that everyone who is involved in your new home has the same vision, in order to get the overall goal...to build a high quality, energy efficient timber frame home. Functional and aesthetic decisions are the focus for the homeowner and it is our desire to listen carefully and add strength and creativity to those aspects. Once the frame is completed it's off to the home site for the most exciting part...the raising!!! In addition to timber framing, Groton Timberworks also builds custom timber frame components, shoji doors, benches, stairs, and much more. Groton Timberworks and our workers are proud members of the Timber Framers Guild of North America.


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